Yosemite Winter 2015

It had been awhile since I'd been to Yosemite National Park but was rewarded with catching it right after the first big snowfall in over two years!

Summer 2015 Photography Sojourn

Our latest video "The Art of BART" was filmed over 3 months and views the 40 year old Bay Area Rapid Transit system as a work of art versus an aging light rail transit system. Architecture, musicians and the day to day life of BART is what we chased.

Fall 2015 Photography Sojourn

Picking up the iconic California Hwy 395 just outside South Lake Tahoe and driving it most of the way to Death Valley has become a Thanksgiving tradition. My images of this year's trip can be viewed here.

Favorite images of 2015

A year end grouping of some favorite images of the year chosen from the month in which they were originally photographed.